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Mr. Kailashnath Bhawanibhiek, is currently an undergraduate student in Human Movement Science at the Open University, Amsterdam and works part time at a commercial research agency.

Born in a little town near Utrecht, his parents returned to Suriname when Kailash was eight. After finishing High School he came back to the Netherlands to study Human Movement Science. These transitions contributed to his awareness of the differences and similarities between the Hindustanis in Suriname and the Netherlands. He also became aware of his own interests and developed a different way of thinking and analyzing people and situations.

Kailash has always been an active person. As a high school student he took the initiative to organize speech and physics contests. He also participated in these contests. Besides he also organized several school outings. Kailash also studied Hindi.

At the Open University of Amsterdam he joined a committee for designing the students’ association’s newspaper and took part in the Bachelor’s study committee, where he took active part in the decision-making for the students.

He also joined the board of the Amsterdam section of HSFN (Hindu Students Forum Netherlands) where he helped organize and coordinate many regional events. After being the chairman of the Amsterdam region, he was elected as a member of the Executive Board where he was the Activities Coordinator for a year. Sewa Week 2012 was his biggest event as a project coordinator.

In his spare time Kailash enjoys fitness, modeling, writing, reading and cooking.


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