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Mahbir Thukral

Creative Practitioner; Writer; Marketing & Communications Advisor for the Indian Film Festival The Hague

A storyteller by nature, Mahbir is a commercially-seasoned creative practitioner. He helps businesses and organisations drive their commercial value, by creating seductive brand narratives.

Originally from the UK, and with over six years of solid professional experience in a variety of contrasting roles, he has manoeuvred extensively throughout mainland Europe, Canada, India and Dubai in a variety of professional and academic capacities.

Stemming from his academic background in Design, Branding & Marketing, his specialisations have transcended from traditional visual communication techniques, and towards more philosophical concepts such as semiotics and existentialism.

Within his role of Marketing & Communications Advisor for the Indian Film Festival The Hague, he works closely with the festival's partners and providers to maximise their engagement;

while championing the festival's remit, of becoming the finest celebration of Indian film and cultural arts in the Benelux.

In addition to his commercial endeavours, he is currently working on his first novel and investigating the feasibility of several product ideas.


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