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Mr. Rabin Baldewsingh is The Hague's alderman for Public Health, Sustainability, Media and Municipal Organisation as well as the Escamp district. In January 1986 he joined politics and became a member of the Dutch Labour Party. From 1998 to 2006 he was member of The Hague City Council. Since April 2006 Rabin is a member of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen of the municipality of The Hague.


Mr. Rabin S. Baldewsingh was born in 1962 in Suriname. At the age of 13 he migrated in 1975 to the Netherlands. For several years he studied English Language and Literature at the University of Leiden.

In June 1980, shortly after his naturalization as a Dutch, he moved to The Hague and became active in the socio-cultural activities of the Surinamese Hindustani community. From 1985 onwards Rabin initiated various cultural festivals in The Hague. In 1986 he entered the Media World in broadcasting journalism at the local migrant broadcasting in The Hague. As writer / editor, producer and director, he has several dozen programs and documentaries to his credit. He has also directed several plays.

Besides politics Rabin is also an accomplished writer both for prose and poetry. He has published his works in Sarnámi and in Dutch.


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