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Drs. Rajindre Tewari is the Managing Director of Capital Investors Intl. & Managing Partner of Mahler Fund Management

(Emerging Markets Investments). He has studied at the universities of New Delhi (Hindu College),  Antwerpen (UFSIA) and Leiden (MA in Organization Studies). He pursued post graduate education in Technology, Real Estate, Management Accounting, Fund Management, and Corporate Finance at Amsterdam, Fontainebleau and London.

Mr. Tewari is the Former CIO/Board member of Achmea Pensions & Asset Management, Former Group Executive of the Achmea/Eureko group (Zeist/Lisbon/London) & Achmea (Amsterdam). Former director of Delta Lloyd Group (AVIVA), Former Managing Director /CEO of Cordares Capital Services, the 4th largest asset manager for institutional funds in The Netherlands with EUR 24 billion AUM (now part of APG).

Mr. Tewari is the Secretary-General of the Foundation for Indian Disapora in the Netherlands.He is a member of the Board of Recommendation for the Seva Network Foundation, and member of the financial supervisory committee of the Netherlands India Chamber of Commerce (NICCT). He occupies advisory positions with Indian companies such as IFCI (Venture Capital), Nextgen Financials (Merchant Bank), and MILE Pharma. He is also a member of the Corporate Advisory Council of the Udai Institute of Management Studies (Jaipur).

He is Country President (a.i) for the Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) in The Netherlands, GOPIO International Coordinator Europe and Member Executive Council GOPIO International. In January 2011 he received the Empire India Award awarded by the Publisher of INDIA EMPIRE Magazine, India. Finally, he is the Chairman of the India Steering Committee of the Holland Financial Centre (HFC), a public-private partnership set up by organizations from throughout the financial sector, including the Dutch Ministry of Finance, AFM, DNB, Pension funds, Advisors and Dutch Banks.


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