Drs.  Monique Badloe,  After receiving both her Master’s degree in International Law and Economics (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Monique chose to embark on a rather unconventional journey as compared to other graduates. Instead of confining herself to corporate life she always felt a very strong need to actively contribute to society as a whole, always honoring and keeping in mind her cultural heritage. The first opportunity to do so was provided by the then very popular and thriving Hindu based TV channel OHM (Organization Hindu Media).

By becoming the host of the TV show ‘Chatney’ she and her team managed to reach out to many young viewers enabling them to understand Hindu philosophy by interpreting and presenting the essence in a way suitable for this day and age. Both spirituality as culture were key elements in every show where Monique took on the role of an inquisitive, young woman in search of the deeper essence behind common, everyday topics viewed from a spiritual perspective.

This inspired her to employ this role more directly to the benefit of her community by establishing the initiative ‘Think Pink’. With this event Monique aimed to address her community on a rather serious issue: the poor awareness on the topic of breast cancer. By reaching out to the role models and other influential people she made an effort to spread the word on this issue and summoned people to actively get involved in raising awareness.

At present Monique works as an anchor for a new and fast growing TV channel HiD TV which is primarily focused on the Diaspora community in both The Netherlands and Surinam. 

Next to that she works for an international insurance company as a specialist on internal communication and is running for member of the City Council of The Hague for the upcoming local election.


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