Mrs. Punam Sharan has more than 13 years of experience in rural development, community development, microfinance and livelihoods,

having worked with organisations like PRADAN*( Professional assistance for development action) and Sa-Dhan# (community of microfinance Institutions). At Sa-dhan, she was involved with Ministry of Rural Development, Planning Commission, Ministry of Finance, SIDBI, RRBs and others. I was also involved in organizing regional and national level workshops for NGO’s, MFIs( Microfinance Institurions), NBFCs( Non Banking Financial companies) and others.She has been an expert consultant to GIZ (‘Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit’ earlier GTZ), Aga Khan and Plan India’s sister organisations. Her major forte is dealing with community, microfinance and livelihood development in the area of capacity building. Promoting inclusive financial services, including remittances services for domestic migrants, through banks and their business correspondents. She has also worked on Promoting financial awareness, literacy and capability as a pre-requisite for effective and sustainable financial inclusion of rural women. In this context, she has worked in urban and rural areas both with various kind of communities from Young professionals to drug addicts’ children and to rural and urban poor.


*PRADAN is an NGO working in the rural poverty pockets of India through small teams based in the field. The focus of the work is to promote, enable and strengthen livelihoods for rural poor. It involves organizing the isolated and excluded communities, enhancing their capabilities, introducing ways to improve their incomes and linking them to banks, markets and other economic services.


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