Mrs. Henna Mathura: For more than twenty years Henna Mathura has been active in the afterschool support of Hindustani parents to help them with their social problems. In 2008 she received the Royal honor of Knighthood of Oranje Nassau, The Netherlands

She has been the president of the Sarita foundation and organizes various activities. She  promoted diversity in higher positions and created opportunities of day care centers so that women have a better chance to develop themselves. For elderly people she has been active as the secretary of the Hindu Elderly People's Association.

In the ’90s, Henna Mathura was famous for presenting a bilingual radio program in which she took on topics such as domestic violence and parasuicide with the objective to move these issues out of the taboo sphere.

Apart from all her voluntary work, Henna is employed as a teacher and education project leader at the ROC Mondriaan.


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