Mr. Harjit Sandhu, Chief of Investigations in the Oversight Office of World Food Programme

• A senior Law Enforcement Officer, held high-level managerial and administrative positions in the field of law enforcement, security and criminal investigations with special emphasis on Counter- Terrorism, Financial & Economic Crimes, Money Laundering, Drug Trafficking, Sanctions Violations and War Crimes.

• At international level, had assignments with Interpol and United Nations Security Council where the responsibilities included facilitating international cooperation, disseminating technical and sensitive information to the member states, liaising with national authorities, capacity building, imparting training, monitoring the effectiveness of mechanisms put in place and producing international reports etc.

• Have also been providing services as an ‘Independent Expert’ on Counter-Terrorism, Financing of Terrorism, Human Rights issues, Intelligence Operations and other related subjects for OSCE, UNODCCP, Commonwealth Secretariat and other international and regional organisations.

• As a Member, Coordinator and Spokesperson for the UN Security Council’s five successive Panels of Experts, served as a principal liaison with diplomatic missions of most of the countries in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa & Americas and negotiated, recommended and established working agreements and procedures with governmental officials, NGOs and diplomatic missions.

•Academic and professional qualifications cover a wide range of subjects concerning Law Enforcement, Money Laundering, Prevention of Frauds, Financial Investigations, Organised Crime, Law, Crime and Justice, Security, Management, Strategic Planning and Public Administration.

Specialties:- Anti-corruption

- Financial and economic crimes investigations

- Counter-terrorism

- Drug Law Enforcement

- Law enforcement

- Security

- Investigations of war crimes and human rights violations

- Conflict resolution

- Negotiations


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