Mrs. Reshma Roopram is a politician, public speaker and entrepreneur. She also owns a media production company SURA Productions BV.

Currently she also serves as a counsellor in the Municipality of Barendrecht. She is well known as former Miss Universe Netherlands, the first Lady of Indian origin chosen in 2001 to represent an European country on an international platform.

After her success in 2001 her life and career moved towards international modelling and acting assignments, which made her travel a lot and she lived in Dubai for 2 years. In 2001 The UN declared that this year was the international year of voluntary work. For this purpose Reshma became the ambassador of the HOF foundation, an organisation that promotes voluntary work in The Netherlands. In Dubai she was also active at Manzil, a foundation for children with special needs. Since she promoted these organisations in the media and at events she gradually became a frequently asked speaker which resulted in her success as a presenter. She worked for local and national television and had her own tv shows and programs at TV West and SBS6. She also participated as a guest in television programs such as Fear Factor, which she even won.

Looking back at her professional experience she was intrigued by politics and media and how it influences the society nationally but also internationally. Now she combines both and decided to pursue a career in politics. Since 2010 she has been active as a municipal counsellor. Her ambition is rewarded and by next year she will become the chairman of the PvdA Barendrecht.

Mrs. Reshma Roopram was born in Scheveningen. Her parents hailed from Suriname and have Indian roots. She has studied economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam after receiving her bachelor’s degree in economics from the Haagse Hogeschool.


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